Vermont Maple Creemee Company

Our Story

Founded in the Spring of 2022, the family-owned and operated Vermont Maple Creemee Co. is a dedicated maker of delicious creemees made with pure Vermont maple syrup and only the finest local ingredients.

Creemee Truck

The story of Vermont Maple Creemee Co. goes all the way back to our great-grandfather, whose sugar woods and passion for all things maple remain in our family to this day. Our syrup continues to be harvested with love by our cousin Eric and uncle Kevin from the very same trees our great-grandfather tapped almost one hundred years ago.

Maple sugar shack

Our syrup recipe hasn't changed much either. The sweet sap from our sugar maple trees is boiled down atop a blazing wood fire—sometimes, there's simply no better way than the good old-fashioned way.

Boiling maple syrup

Throw in three brothers trying to make an honest buck to pay for college, a hand restored vintage Mr. Frosty ice cream truck, and a passion for real maple creemees, and you just about have the full story of how Vermont Maple Creemee Co. came to be.

The family enjoying sugar on snow.